I had a little spare cash and the first thing I thought of buying were zines! I've been craving a few zines over the past few years and was quite sad to realize that many of them have been sold out. Plus, I wouldn't settle for the pdf version of these zines; they just don't feel the same.

After lots of googling, I managed to find a distro that was selling Hello Sandwich's Gift Wrapping Zine and purchased it in a heartbeat. I also purchased some zines from Etsy and among them are all the Journal Pop! zines by Natalie Malik. I've been reading them from cover to cover everyday. They are so inspiration and worth every penny.

Suzan from Denmark also sent me a How to Collect Mail Labels zine and inside, there was a little glassine pocket filled with mail labels. How cool is that?

I'm so inspired by all these zines. I'm going to try making one. Not sure what it'll be about yet. But you'll be the first to know, I promise.

If you have the following zines and don't want them, I'm sure my shelf would love them. Or if you have them and don't mind lending them to me, I'll return them as soon as I'm done. Here are the lovely titles:

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