Cards, Cards and More Cards

pretty fashion postcards from KLING

more Spanish fashion postcards

IKEA postcards

notecards with illustrations by Izak Zenou

My drawer cannot fit anymore cards, but I still collect them anyway. They are so pretty to look at that I can't bear to use any of them. They are like my personal stash of pick-me-ups whenever I need them. You can borrow some if you like; I'm sure you can find one in there.

Thanks to Aurora from Spain and Tatiana from Switzerland for adding these beautiful cards to my collection.


  1. These cards are so beautiful(: I really like the one from London gorgeous!

  2. Lovely postcards. I collect them too thru doing swaps. It's been fun to see so many different ones.

    Coleenfranks in Ukraine
    swap-bot, CommentLoveBlog

  3. I have awesome news: I've nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award!

    Check out the post on my blog for the rules


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