What a special day today is - 12/12/12. It's gonna be a long time before we'll be able to celebrate such a unique day ever again. Oh well ):

It's two weeks till Christmas and the prepping has been exciting thus far. Most of the gifts have been made and I can't wait to start baking and cooking again. But for now, I'm taking a little fun holiday to Melbourne, Australia with the family. See you after Christmas! xx


Phew, the exams are finally over! And this means that I've survived my first year. I have throughly enjoyed it thus far and am looking forward to next year. It's a little early perhaps, but there are so many exciting things in store.

Here are some wonderful things I've received that kept me 'sane' during this period:

Crafty Collage

This amazing zine makes for a wonderful birthday present. I'm so glad I bought it for myself. It definitely inspires me to create more art, whether it is a canvas, tag, book, or anything else. Art is art no matter what form it is in.

I love how the zine comes with a little fun pack for me to make my own collages. I thought the second picture was a great random piece put together in 10 seconds for the photo. It makes my little brain do some work by thinking of something in such a short span of time.

Mail, Mail, Mail

So many letters received, so many letters to read. I'm going to take my time with these wonderful mail from Canada, Sweden, Norway, Israel and USA.

Pretty Papers

Everyday, I take a few minutes flipping through the wonderful papers I have for inspiration. Today, these pretty papers from Jennie, USA + Rebecca, Germany inspire me.

Bags of Postage Stamps

Lovely stamps from Lexidh, Norway and Sarala, USA.
Plus, I made some delightful postage stamp bags.
Can't wait to receive more wonderful stamps (:


I had a little spare cash and the first thing I thought of buying were zines! I've been craving a few zines over the past few years and was quite sad to realize that many of them have been sold out. Plus, I wouldn't settle for the pdf version of these zines; they just don't feel the same.

After lots of googling, I managed to find a distro that was selling Hello Sandwich's Gift Wrapping Zine and purchased it in a heartbeat. I also purchased some zines from Etsy and among them are all the Journal Pop! zines by Natalie Malik. I've been reading them from cover to cover everyday. They are so inspiration and worth every penny.

Suzan from Denmark also sent me a How to Collect Mail Labels zine and inside, there was a little glassine pocket filled with mail labels. How cool is that?

I'm so inspired by all these zines. I'm going to try making one. Not sure what it'll be about yet. But you'll be the first to know, I promise.

If you have the following zines and don't want them, I'm sure my shelf would love them. Or if you have them and don't mind lending them to me, I'll return them as soon as I'm done. Here are the lovely titles:

Polaroid Postcards

(from Renata, Lithuania + theanswerisseven, UK)

Polaroids are my favorite type of photos. I have a diana instant back +, a holgaroid, and an instax mini 7s. I can never get enough of these instant cameras and films. (Maybe I will do a little feature of my instant cameras and why I love them.)

They are beautiful by themselves, but when you add a message and a stamp to these polaroids, they become the most wonderful mail art - polaroid postcards. Looking for more people who'd like to swap with me!

Rubber Stamps

I've been designing some rubber stamps to use in my art and love how these came out. I also love how the design in engraved into the wood. Definitely going to design a few more and maybe get some made for my upcoming craft booth.

Make Art, Not War

Love the card Kim from the USA sent to me. So pretty!
Plus the stamps she used are so gorgeous (:

Sweet September

September is my favorite month of the year. September signifies the coming of a beautiful season, autumn, which is equally as beautiful as spring is to me. September was the month I started my handmade jewelry business, which unfortunately has closed its doors earlier this year because my handmade adventures took a turn in the road. (But it's okay, I plan to start another soon!) September is my birthday month, what's not to love! (Happy birthday to all the September babies out there and happy unbirthday to everyone else; there's always a reason to celebrate!) And September means seven, my favorite number.

Since September has always been so good to me, I'd like to share that love with you all. Here are some sweet little ways I've tried to pass on the love through the mailbox.

White paper simply stamped with colorful lines are an easy way to spruce up your letters and make them unique. These stamps are from Technique Tuesday.

I stock up on lots of cute stationery and stickers especially from South Korea, Japan and France. Who wouldn't love to receive them in their mailboxes?

Sometimes when I'm low on inspiration, I may pick up a plain envelopes, colored nonetheless, and jazz them up with lovely stamps from my personal collection. It is difficult to part with such pretty stamps, so I order a bunch at a time to make the parting process easier.

Sometimes, I can't fit all the things I want to send into a standard greeting card envelope and I don't have anything else on hand. (Note to self, stock up on envelopes of various sizes.) So I make my own from magazines, ephemera, vintage and scrapbooking papers, or any pretty papers I can find. They always turn out pretty nice!

And finally, a delightful box of snail mail goodies! The materials I used to decorate were a magazine page, washi tape, Sharpie marker, baker's twine and metal charms.

Have a sweet, sweet September month!

Cards, Cards and More Cards

pretty fashion postcards from KLING

more Spanish fashion postcards

IKEA postcards

notecards with illustrations by Izak Zenou

My drawer cannot fit anymore cards, but I still collect them anyway. They are so pretty to look at that I can't bear to use any of them. They are like my personal stash of pick-me-ups whenever I need them. You can borrow some if you like; I'm sure you can find one in there.

Thanks to Aurora from Spain and Tatiana from Switzerland for adding these beautiful cards to my collection.

M is for Mail

Don't you think the letter M is the most magnificent letter of the alphabet? I'm not being bias just because my name starts with the letter M, but so many good things start with M. There's the mail, of course, and Marge from the Philippines who sent me a letter and some lovely stickers. There's also magnum, mango (both the brand and fruit), magic, mementos, magazines, mannequins, moleskine and so much more. But I'll stop here since I'm pretty sure I won you over by now.

Plus, nothing makes receiving mail more wonderful that the stamps that adorn it. While I do get tons of mail from all over the world, it's nice to receive some of those interesting vintage stamps on the envelopes. It adds to the wow factor. If you didn't know that before, now you do. So add some jazz with those special and not so common stamps!

A Year On..

I'll forever remember my English (+ Literature) teacher in high school. She was the only teacher who taught me from year 1 to year 4, yet I was never bored of her. Her lessons were jam packed with laughter and tears, skits and singing. The only times we ever annoyed her was when we didn't hand in our homework.

Today, I stand in this world as an English teacher (still in my first year), with an aspiration to be the best English teacher my students could ever have. While I might not be like my English teacher, I still hope to be able to bring the joys of learning into my classroom and give them an experience that will always be written in their memories.

I hope to be able to sweeten their childhood. Yes, at times it might be with sweets to keep them awake and active in class. But also, to allow them to have fun during their younger days while learning at the same time.

And not forgetting the times when our roles are switched and you become the teacher instead. So thank you for reminding me about the simple things I have in life and be thankful for what I have everyday.

So this is my heartfelt thanks to all my students and teachers (past and present) for the gift of you especially my teacher colleagues who are always there for me when I need help. Love, M.

P.S. A big thank you for all the gifts and notes; they will be treasured.

Just Smash It

pretty papers from Kelly and Judith, USA

"Help!" the paper might say. But the real person who needs help is me. I've been smashing everything lately.. into a book, that is! Smash books are all the rage right now. They are books filled with memorabilia, ephemera, photos and life's treasures with little spaces for journalling. Basically, it's life "smashed" into a book.

These pretty things have willingly made their way into my hands. I'm pretty sure their previous owners told them they are pieces of art.

More Letters Please

My mailbox has been rather quiet these past few days as all my letters and packages seem to be stuck somewhere in mid-air. It's days like these when I wish mail could travel faster.

Most recently, I finally received my Letter Writers Alliance membership. I'm so looking forward to writing more letters and receiving some as well.