A Year On..

I'll forever remember my English (+ Literature) teacher in high school. She was the only teacher who taught me from year 1 to year 4, yet I was never bored of her. Her lessons were jam packed with laughter and tears, skits and singing. The only times we ever annoyed her was when we didn't hand in our homework.

Today, I stand in this world as an English teacher (still in my first year), with an aspiration to be the best English teacher my students could ever have. While I might not be like my English teacher, I still hope to be able to bring the joys of learning into my classroom and give them an experience that will always be written in their memories.

I hope to be able to sweeten their childhood. Yes, at times it might be with sweets to keep them awake and active in class. But also, to allow them to have fun during their younger days while learning at the same time.

And not forgetting the times when our roles are switched and you become the teacher instead. So thank you for reminding me about the simple things I have in life and be thankful for what I have everyday.

So this is my heartfelt thanks to all my students and teachers (past and present) for the gift of you especially my teacher colleagues who are always there for me when I need help. Love, M.

P.S. A big thank you for all the gifts and notes; they will be treasured.

Just Smash It

pretty papers from Kelly and Judith, USA

"Help!" the paper might say. But the real person who needs help is me. I've been smashing everything lately.. into a book, that is! Smash books are all the rage right now. They are books filled with memorabilia, ephemera, photos and life's treasures with little spaces for journalling. Basically, it's life "smashed" into a book.

These pretty things have willingly made their way into my hands. I'm pretty sure their previous owners told them they are pieces of art.

More Letters Please

My mailbox has been rather quiet these past few days as all my letters and packages seem to be stuck somewhere in mid-air. It's days like these when I wish mail could travel faster.

Most recently, I finally received my Letter Writers Alliance membership. I'm so looking forward to writing more letters and receiving some as well.

Sweet Tooth

contents of a small, stuffed handbag

sweets, sweets, and more sweets!

Big bags. Tiny bags. There's always something or many things inside them. Don't you ever wonder what people stuff inside their bags? I know I do; I'm nosy like that! Now I have you curious, don't I? So here's my bag, or rather one of my bags (I have plenty), with all its contents spilled out for you to see.

If you couldn't tell after looking at it, I have so many mints and sweets hidden in the nooks and crannies of my bag. They are always good to have on hand. But kids, don't forget that too much sweets are not good for you. That's why I have floss - my dentist will be proud!

A Cup of Tea

fruity teas

Bigelow teas

green teas

You know how the sayings go, "a cup of tea makes everything better" or "a cup of tea solves everything". On any other day, a sip of tea will leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside, erasing all my worries, and leaving me blissful all day.

Today, no amount of tea could do that job. I was just too overwhelmed by everything going on that I felt like running away and hiding from the world. The best place to hide is under the duvet. If anyone asks, tell them you don't know.


box of goodies from Japan
(for the Lovely Package Exchange)

pretty stationery + stamps

delicious teas + biscuits

collage box made with washi tape inspiration

lots of love from Ru

When these masking tapes were locally available, I went 'washi' and nearly bought the entire store. The salesgirl looked at my loot and went, "You've got one of each kind!" The surprised look on her face was enough to tell me what I did.

In my defense, they are so handy to have around and you'll never know when you need one. They can be used for almost anything - stick random notes, seal a letter, decorate plain goods or even given as a gift. Certainly the best invention ever!

Send More Mail

Let's all put in the effort to add some cheer amongst the junk mail and bills.