Sweet September

September is my favorite month of the year. September signifies the coming of a beautiful season, autumn, which is equally as beautiful as spring is to me. September was the month I started my handmade jewelry business, which unfortunately has closed its doors earlier this year because my handmade adventures took a turn in the road. (But it's okay, I plan to start another soon!) September is my birthday month, what's not to love! (Happy birthday to all the September babies out there and happy unbirthday to everyone else; there's always a reason to celebrate!) And September means seven, my favorite number.

Since September has always been so good to me, I'd like to share that love with you all. Here are some sweet little ways I've tried to pass on the love through the mailbox.

White paper simply stamped with colorful lines are an easy way to spruce up your letters and make them unique. These stamps are from Technique Tuesday.

I stock up on lots of cute stationery and stickers especially from South Korea, Japan and France. Who wouldn't love to receive them in their mailboxes?

Sometimes when I'm low on inspiration, I may pick up a plain envelopes, colored nonetheless, and jazz them up with lovely stamps from my personal collection. It is difficult to part with such pretty stamps, so I order a bunch at a time to make the parting process easier.

Sometimes, I can't fit all the things I want to send into a standard greeting card envelope and I don't have anything else on hand. (Note to self, stock up on envelopes of various sizes.) So I make my own from magazines, ephemera, vintage and scrapbooking papers, or any pretty papers I can find. They always turn out pretty nice!

And finally, a delightful box of snail mail goodies! The materials I used to decorate were a magazine page, washi tape, Sharpie marker, baker's twine and metal charms.

Have a sweet, sweet September month!

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