M is for Mail

Don't you think the letter M is the most magnificent letter of the alphabet? I'm not being bias just because my name starts with the letter M, but so many good things start with M. There's the mail, of course, and Marge from the Philippines who sent me a letter and some lovely stickers. There's also magnum, mango (both the brand and fruit), magic, mementos, magazines, mannequins, moleskine and so much more. But I'll stop here since I'm pretty sure I won you over by now.

Plus, nothing makes receiving mail more wonderful that the stamps that adorn it. While I do get tons of mail from all over the world, it's nice to receive some of those interesting vintage stamps on the envelopes. It adds to the wow factor. If you didn't know that before, now you do. So add some jazz with those special and not so common stamps!


  1. You forgot that M also contains Mermaids, and Mint.

    I love interesting stamps. Sadly, in the United States, if you send postcards, your choice in stamps is pretty limited. I'm half temped to use Zazzle to make some interesting postage, and use it.

    1. Oh yes, how could I forget! Mermaids and mints are my favs as well.

      I think customised stamps are awesome to receive! Will certainly not be able to get them anywhere else.

    2. In the US we can use two Forever stamps, a 10¢ and 5¢ stamp to equal postcard postage for international mail. It makes fir a wonderful variety of choices. But, I like to use lots of vintage postage, too.

  2. Gorgeous mail and it's so wonderful to receive from other people. AnaGoncalves from LoveComment Blog ♥ (9)

  3. Cute stickers, Mag, but I'm really with you on the stamp thing. I love getting foreign stamps. I've been collecting stamps since I was a little kid.

    Following you now. Hope you'll come by and follow on mine too even if we're not partners.

    ColeenFranks in Ukraine
    s-b, CommentLoveBlog

  4. I love mail, too! Looking forward to the return of the "orphaned" postcard I'll be putting in the mail on Tuesday :-) Thank you!


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