What a special day today is - 12/12/12. It's gonna be a long time before we'll be able to celebrate such a unique day ever again. Oh well ):

It's two weeks till Christmas and the prepping has been exciting thus far. Most of the gifts have been made and I can't wait to start baking and cooking again. But for now, I'm taking a little fun holiday to Melbourne, Australia with the family. See you after Christmas! xx


Phew, the exams are finally over! And this means that I've survived my first year. I have throughly enjoyed it thus far and am looking forward to next year. It's a little early perhaps, but there are so many exciting things in store.

Here are some wonderful things I've received that kept me 'sane' during this period:

Crafty Collage

This amazing zine makes for a wonderful birthday present. I'm so glad I bought it for myself. It definitely inspires me to create more art, whether it is a canvas, tag, book, or anything else. Art is art no matter what form it is in.

I love how the zine comes with a little fun pack for me to make my own collages. I thought the second picture was a great random piece put together in 10 seconds for the photo. It makes my little brain do some work by thinking of something in such a short span of time.