Sweet Tooth

contents of a small, stuffed handbag

sweets, sweets, and more sweets!

Big bags. Tiny bags. There's always something or many things inside them. Don't you ever wonder what people stuff inside their bags? I know I do; I'm nosy like that! Now I have you curious, don't I? So here's my bag, or rather one of my bags (I have plenty), with all its contents spilled out for you to see.

If you couldn't tell after looking at it, I have so many mints and sweets hidden in the nooks and crannies of my bag. They are always good to have on hand. But kids, don't forget that too much sweets are not good for you. That's why I have floss - my dentist will be proud!


  1. Thank you for sharing the inside of your bag. That is so exciting to see what you have. I only carry around, tissues, purse, key and lip balm and occasionally mobile phone. Stopping by from Swap-bot.

  2. Oh, i never have gums or sweets in my Bag ! Only boring things...

    Roandthecity- swap bot.

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  4. We all have very interesting things in our bags...mine is very curious...cuticle scissors. Since our airports have become stricter I want to know that the personell are doing their jobs...so I carry blunt scissors to see if they check ;)Gum and candy sadly just become stale in my purse.

    Myartistry from swap-bot

  5. The tiny packets of sweets look so cute.

    I love seeing what's in other people's bag as I am too nosy and curious :)

    xshootingstarsx @ swapbot.


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