A Cup of Tea

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You know how the sayings go, "a cup of tea makes everything better" or "a cup of tea solves everything". On any other day, a sip of tea will leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside, erasing all my worries, and leaving me blissful all day.

Today, no amount of tea could do that job. I was just too overwhelmed by everything going on that I felt like running away and hiding from the world. The best place to hide is under the duvet. If anyone asks, tell them you don't know.


  1. I know just what you mean, and love tea myself. Hope you feel better under that duvet. Stopping by from Swap bot (Ana Goncalves)

  2. Tea is a great relaxer(: I really hope you feel better soon and that it is nice and comfy under that duvet. (kcody03 from swapbot)


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